Send DM Automatically to all your Twitter Followers. The Best, Easiest and Fastest way to contact all your followers on Twitter via direct messages. Mass DM.

Fully customisable direct messages including recipients twitter user name, rich text with smiley, emoji and emoticons, and message up to 1000 characters long.

Why do I need mass DM to my followers on Twitter?

  • If you are launching a new service or product and want to make an announcement
  • If you are giving away something or special promotion to your followers only and you don't want to broadcast it publicly
  • If you are trying to create a newsletter for your Twitter followers which provides a good amount of value without forcing people into an actual mailing list or a third party service
  • 100's other reasons why you want to contact all your followers via direct messaging on Twitter
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Define DM

Set DM text, up to 1000 characters long, including target twitter user name.


Activate service via PayPal or Credit Card. Pricing model based on the number of your followers.

We deliver your DMs

Our app delivers DM to all your followers. It will send 10 DMs every hour to a max 240 DMs a day.

Our service limited to: ❶ max 200 DMs a day   ❷ max 75,000 followers   ❸ DMs are being sent every hour

We are now accepting Cryptocurrency - Litecoin

Enrich your DM with Smiley, Emoji and Emoticons: Just click on any of the Twitter Symbols: Smiley, Emoji and Emoticons , and copy the code from the popup message and paste it into your Auto DM or Tweets