Deep-Linked Twitter Welcome Messages - conversational experience like Chatbot

Greeting customers with a welcome message over DM: default and deep-linked welcome messages

Deep-Linked Welcome Messages Explained

Greeting customers with conversational welcome message over DM

Twitter users can create multiple welcome messages for different entry points and purposes. Every welcome message has its own unique deep link.
Twitter users can use this link inside their tweets or on the websites allowing entering private conversation from that link.
Multiple welcome messages can be interconnected with deep links via call to action buttons. By connecting multiple welcome messages you can create conversational experience like chatbot.
Welcome message can be defined as default. A default welcome message can be set to greet users entering Direct Messages organically.

    Welcome message can include:
  • Message - the welcome message including hashtags, links, emoji's
  • Quick Replies - prompt users with the best ways to reply to a Direct Message by choosing from a list of options
  • Call to action buttons - open any URL from the Direct Message compose view

deeplining twitter welcome messages

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