Greet users with a welcome message via Direct Messages on Twitter. Deep link welcome messages.

Welcome messages let Twitter users greet people and set expectations as they enter a Direct Message conversation without people needing to send the first message. Twitter Default Welcome Message Example

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Default Welcome Message explained

Welcome messages enable a business to set or specify a message that displays when someone first enters a Direct Message conversation, before any messages have been exchanged.
Businesses can set a default welcome message that people see when they start a conversation organically. This gives businesses the opportunity to not only start a conversation expressing their brand voice, but also demonstrate their commitment to service, help people learn what to expect and much more.

Default Welcome Messages provide the ability to display a message to people who are entering a Direct Message conversation. Without a default Welcome Message, users are presented with an empty Direct Message conversation view or the state of the previous conversation.

Use a default Welcome Message to provide context to users including what services are provided, when they can receive response or provide Quick Reply options.

When a Welcome Message is set as default, it will be presented to the user in the following scenarios:
  • Direct Message compose view opened for the first time.
  • Direct Message compose view opened for the first time since leaving a conversation.
  • Direct Message compose view opened after no message activity for 7 days.

Default Welcome Message example

Twitter welcome message with buttons and quick replies

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