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Main Screen

main screen craigslist android app

Home screen where you can select locations, categories and apply filters.

Location Selection

location selection craigslist android app

Select the country, then state and select your city. You can select multiple cities by simply touching each one that you wish to search in.

Category Selection

category selection craigslist android app

Select your category on the left, then the sub-category on the right.

Filter Settings

search filters settings craigslist android app

Sort by newest ads, highest to lowest price and lowest to highest price. There are specific search filters for each category to choose from.

Search Results

search results craigslist android app

Results are listed in a list view. To expand an ad, simply press on it. To view more ads, just keep scrolling.

Switch location - Multi-Location search

switch locations craigslist android app

Press on selected city on top to open the drop down menu of the cities selected earlier.

Save Search Definitions

save search craigslist android app

To save the search with all the filters you selected before, touch the floppy disk icon on the top right of the screen and give it any name you like. Then press Save.

View Ad Details

ad details craigslist android app

Touch the picture to expand it and scroll through them to see them all. Press the More button to view the full contents of the ad.

Ad Details Functions

ad details functions craigslist android app

Touch the map to view the location of the seller or selling location. Press the Star under the map to Favorite the ad to revisit it at a later time.

View Saved Searches

view saved searches craigslist android app

To access your saved searches, press the Magnifying Glass icon on the bottom middle. Touch the bubble itself to open up the search results. Touch the "i" see the selected filters. Touch the Trash Bin to delete the saved search.

View Favourite Ads

view favourite ads craigslist android app

Touch the Heart icon on the bottom of the screen to open up your favorite ads.